Woolley’s Warriors Quick Facts

New to Woolley’s Warriors?

  • Woolley’s Warriors was launched in August 2019.
  • The initiative hopes to conquer diabetes with support and awareness for young athletes living every day with Type 1, with the goal of sending kids to Diabetes Canada D-Camps and to ultimately connect those living with diabetes.
  • The blue circle found in the WW28 logo is the universal symbol for diabetes which signifies the unity of the global diabetes community.
  • Woolley’s Warriors hosted the first WW28 Night with the Owen Sound Attack on November 9, 2019, raising over $2500 and 10 full boxes of items for Diabetes Canada.
  • Mark Woolley has met, and continues to meet with young fans and athletes living with diabetes.
  • Woolley was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 12, while his older brother, Matt, has had diabetes since birth giving the Woolley parents the foundation to notice the same symptoms in their youngest son.
  • Woolley draws inspiration from former Guelph Storm captain Garrett McFadden and his nonprofit McFadden’s Movement, in addition to Montreal Canadiens forward and fellow diabetic Max Domi.

Learn more about Mark and Woolley’s Warriors here.

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WW28 Hoodies now available!

UPDATE: As of February 17th, WW28 hoodies are SOLD OUT. A second order with additional inventory will be on its way shortly. Thank you for your support!

Woolley’s Warriors is excited to add custom WW28 hoodies as part of its fundraising efforts!

The hoodies feature ‘WOOLLEY’S WARRIORS’ centered across the front, with the ‘WW28’ logo on the left sleeve.

The hoodies will be available for $50 each. Additional charges will apply for shipping, if required. All proceeds will help support kids looking to attend Diabetes Canada’s D-Camps.

If interested, please contact Woolley’s Warriors by using the form below or through woolleyswarriors@outlook.com.

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Win a signed Braden Holtby Washington Capitals replica jersey!

Woolley’s Warriors is raffling off a signed Braden Holtby Washington Capitals replica jersey, just in time for the holiday season!

To enter the draw, all you have to do is follow the simple instructions outlined below:

  1. Click this link.
  2. Donate any amount to WW28 (with a minimum value of $20)
  3. Add “Holtby Jersey Draw” to the note / message area

The contest closes Wednesday, December 18th, with all proceeds going directly to Woolley’s Warriors in support of Type 1 diabetes, and sending kids to Diabetes Canada’s D-Camps this coming summer.

For more information, please contact woolleyswarriors@outlook.com

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Hard-hitting Woolley making big impact with ‘Woolley’s Warriors’


For Mark Woolley, the opportunity to play in the OHL means an opportunity to give back.

“I love giving back to the community,” he said. “I think that’s a big part of the game, and one that could really be pushed more.”

In his third year in the league, the 18-year-old Owen Sound Attack defenceman is using his platform to raise awareness for something near and dear to his heart and health.

“People look up to people who play in the OHL.”

This past August, Woolley launched “Woolley’s Warriors,” a non-profit aimed at providing knowledge and support for young athletes living with Type 1 diabetes, like himself.

It’s a cause that hits close to home in more ways than one.

“My older brother has had diabetes since he was born, so I’ve always kind of had that in my life, whether I was helping my parents check his blood or give him his insulin,” said Woolley.

“Then, once I turned 12, I got diagnosed myself.”

Monitoring his diet and blood levels, making sure his blood sugar levels don’t get too high or too low, and ensuring he has insulin when needed are tasks that are always top of mind, but Woolley says his day-to-day routine isn’t much different from that of his teammates and friends.

Still, he believes more information about the disease should be readily available.

Read more at ontariohockeyleague.com by clicking here.

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Inaugural Woolley’s Warriors Night raises over $2500, collects 10 boxes of items for Diabetes Canada’s D-Camps

On Saturday, November 9th, Woolley’s Warriors, in partnership with the Owen Sound Attack, hosted the inaugural Woolley’s Warriors Night, raising a total of $2663.80 in addition to 10 full wardrobe boxes of clothing / material items in support of sending young athletes to Diabetes Canada’s D-Camps.

As the Attack hosted the London Knights on the ice, fans were encouraged to donate clothing and other small household items on their way in, while the night also featured a silent auction complete with generously donated items from the Attack organization, Woolley’s teammates Aidan Dudas and Barret Kirwin, and more.

The material donations by fans incredibly filled 10 wardrobe boxes, supplied in-kind by John Thompson Movers, with the silent auction a paralleled success as a signed Mark Woolley Attack jersey topped the items with a $500.00 winning bid.

Diabetes Canada has been collecting clothing and small household donations to fund important research in the fight to end diabetes and send kids to D-Camps, with 100 million pounds of donated items collected, diverted from landfill and used to help fund research each year.

Woolley’s Warriors also hosted a few young fans who share the diabetic experience with Woolley, as Easton and diabetic service dog Elmer, Will, and Charlotte all had the chance to meet with the Attack defenseman after the game to ask questions and share stories.

“I’m so thankful for all the support shown for Woolley’s Warriors,” Mark Woolley said. “The first ever Woolley’s Warriors Night was a success thanks to all the amazing fans in Owen Sound. Hopefully we can do the same thing again next year.”

A special thank-you goes out to the Owen Sound Attack organization and staff for their generous support and partnership, alongside the Owen Sound Attack Pak and John Thompson Movers for their donations.

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